The Impact of Shade

Although we often discuss the impact that shade has on turf, it can often be difficult to see or visualize.  This week a ‘textbook’ example is taking place on the 13th green.  The back left of the green is currently experiencing the most intense disease pressure of any greens’ surface.  Microdochium Patch is a common turfgrass disease that thrives in cool, moist weather.  Its effects can be seen in the image below.
Disease pressure on 13 green
The most interesting part of this scenario is that the damage is confined to a small area.  This is due to lower sun angles as the seasons change, keeping the left side of the 13th green shaded for most of the day.  The image below was taken after 1pm in the afternoon.
13 green in the afternoon
Shade negatively impacts plant health by keeping areas moist, succulent and poorly rooted.  These areas are indicator spots since they are the first to suffer from disease and require chemical treatment.  Shade is one component of our Environmental Plan which is being created to improve playing conditions in the most sustainable scenario.