Project Update

Earlier this month we started working on some elements of the Practice Area Project.  The focus has been to target aspects that pose a threat to timelines and the logistics of the construction process.
One example is the installation of our new irrigation mainline.  Deferring this task until July would compromise movement of contractors and threaten our ability to irrigate the remaining 16 holes.  Similar work is also taking place on a drainage mainline, both are located in the middle of next year’s project and are integral upgrades to infrastructure.  Last on our list is to execute the tree permit as it relates to the future range pole netting.  All the work being completed within the scope of the Practice Area Project.
This year’s work is at it’s maximum intensity this week and will subside as October closes.  Although disruptive, the early work is part of our strategy to deliver the best possible product.
Future site of range netting.