Irrigation Update

The irrigation system is the heart of any golf course, keeping turf alive through dry weather.  Such weather is an opportunity to identify deficiencies; we are currently in the midst of analyzing and maximizing the performance of our system.
Pressure recorder.
Upgrading components and reprogramming the system are currently ongoing.  We are measuring each change and adjustment by way of pressure recorders (above), you might have seen them on 6 green and 7 tee this week.  They record pressures on 1 minute intervals for us to quantify the impact of each change.  We are focusing on holes 5 through 7 which appear to be most compromised by loss in pressure.
Progress has been made but the process is cumbersome and it will take time to achieve all of our goals.  In the meantime we have ‘upped’ our handwatering efforts by digging easy access points (above).  Their locations are targeted and will facilitate hose watering in areas of greatest need such as #7 (below).
Handwatering #7 fairway