Fairway Turf

One of the greater challenges we face at Point Grey is improving the consistency of our fairway turf.  In certain areas, discrepancies in quality (image #1) can be seen with dramatic effect.  Ultimately, the problem can be attributed to inconsistent soil conditions and their moisture retention/movement characteristics.
Change in turf quality
Image #2 shows fairway samples taken from a variety of locations on the property.  The stratification in colour identifies layering within the fairway.  Layers are problematic in any growing medium as they impede uniform water movement, causing both wet and dry patches.
Layering with the fairway profile
Remediation of these areas will is a long term process although we have already started the process with the following:
  • Reprogramming the irrigation system to provide better coverage.
  • Auditing the irrigation system and repairing malfunctioning stations and zones.
  • Micromanaging the worst areas with handwatering and supplemental fertility.
  • Incorporating soil amendments to the ‘dry’ areas to help retain moisture and nutrients.


Amending poor conditions on #7 fairway
Each of these actions will contribute to overcoming the problem.  A realistic expectation is to manage the ‘peaks’ and ‘valleys’ until the inconsistencies dissipate and reliable turf is experienced.