New Holes

Hole 9

• Extends the current hole by 140 yards
• Flows nicely into the back of the practice area and the new 10th tee (closer to the clubhouse)
• Isolates the practice area and doesn’t come into play

Hole Description
Playing from an elevated tee position and measuring in at 530 yards from the back deck, this medium-length par 5 will have plenty of shot-making options, especially with regards to the golfer’s second and third shots.

Going at the green in two will be very tempting for the accomplished player and will require two well-played golf shots in succession. Boasting plenty of fairway width and interesting contouring, the second half of the hole will tumble slightly uphill, yet canter towards the existing pond on the right. The slight rise will subsequently hide the intersecting Dunbar access road.

The large green surface will be benched up against a hillside and will feature a short-grass banked slope that can be taken advantage of when playing creatively. Once members begin to understand the strategic nuances of this hole and learn what sides of the fairway it is best to play from, birdies will be very attainable.

Caddy Tips
For those trying to make it home in two, a precise tee ball along the right edge of the fairway is required. The second shot approach angle will then open up the view into the green and will allow players to best take advantage of the feeder-slope running diagonally onto the putting surface.


Hole 10

• Unique par 3 which plays north south instead of east west like 2, 8, 13, and 17
• Plays off the historical 11th in the parking lot
• Achieves a delicate balance of 3 pars spread throughout the course
• A postage stamp green with interest that fits into the landscape nicely
• Achieves reasonable flow from tee to green and from the 10th to the 11th
• A slightly raised and squared off in shape putting surface, cantered subtly from front to back
• It will feel and appear flat, but don’t be tricked—it’s not!

Hole Description
Playing from an elevated tee position and measuring +/- 130 yards, this short, devilish drop-shot par 3 is heavily guarded by bunkers on all sides. Not only will this be the shortest hole on the course, but it will also boast one of the smallest “postage-stamp” greens too. The putting surface will be slightly raised, squared-off in shape, and cantered subtley from back to front.

It will feel and appear flat, but don’t tricked—it’s not! Surrounded by short-grass and flanked by tight bunkering, this menacing pitch-shot will certainly demand soft hands if one is to walk away with par or better.

Caddy Tips
Aim for the centre of this small green and place the premium on your putting. Pin seeking is a risky proposition on this short one-shotter and will often result in more trouble than it’s worth. Avoid the bunkers, especially the ones at the back!

“The opportunity to create a facility against which all others in Canada will measure themselves is what we’re striving to accomplish.”
—Dave Zibrik, Director of Golf


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