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The Teacher’s Take:
Understanding how angle of attack impacts distance

by Bryn Parry, Teaching Professional

Last summer we measured drives for our members during a few of our events. We learned that while most of us actually hit it as far as we think we do, we only have a couple of full quality drives per round. Our best and longest drives result from a combination of factors—clubhead speed, quality of contact (or smash factor), launch angle, spin rate, and angle of attack.

Angle of attack has a large influence on the distance of our drives. An example of this potential gain comes from looking at a player with a clubhead speed of 100 mph. If this player hits down five degrees, the spin rate is over 3,000 rpm, and the carry distance is 216 yards plus roll. When this player learns to hit up five degrees and maintains 100 mph clubhead speed, the spin rate drops to less than 2,000 rpm and the carry distance increases to 239 yards plus roll. This player has gained 23 yards plus roll without a clubhead speed improvement.

The distance the ball finishes from the hole on the green improves by approximately 10 feet for every 20 yards a player gains. For example, if we hit our drives more than 20 yards farther, our second shots will be with an 8 iron instead of 6 iron. Therefore, we will chip from easier locations when we miss the green and start putting from 10 feet closer to the hole when we hit the green. We will three-putt less often and have many more one-putt opportunities. Our scores and handicaps will go down and our enjoyment of the great game of golf will go up.

Our coaching staff at Point Grey is ready to help you play your best golf. Trackman is the only tool that can accurately measure your angle of attack, so please contact us to discover if you are maximizing your distance and set you up to have your best season ever!

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